Contribute to AMSIMP

Thanks so much for being interested in contributing to AMSIMP!

To thrive, the AMSIMP project needs your expertise and enthusiasm. Not a coder? Not a problem! There are many ways to contribute to AMSIMP:

Our community aspires to treat everyone equally, and to value all contributions. Please take note of our Code of Conduct. Try to follow this code in spirit as much as in letter, to foster an open and welcoming environment that enriches the entire open source ecosystem.

How to get started

We will attempt to give some guidance on this page. If you’re unsure of where to get started or how your skills matter to the project, please reach out to us! You can ask on GitHub (open an issue or comment on a relevant issue). This is our preferred communication channels (open source is open by nature!), however, if you prefer to discuss in private first, please reach out to our community coordinators at or on Slack (send an email to for an invite the first time).

Developing educational materials

AMSIMP’s User Guide can use a lot of help - restructuring the contents, clearer (and more) tutorials, how-to’s on many topics, and focused explanations of concepts. Please reach out to us to discuss.

Besides content for the user guide, we are also interested in other types of educational materials - worked examples, notebooks, videos, and more.

Website development

This website can use your help! We recommend one of two ways to go about this: either check the website issue tracker for open issues to tackle, or simply browse around and see if you can find things to improve. If you have specific skills or interests, please reach out and ask!

Community coordination and outreach

Between community calls, our Twitter account, improving our documentation on processes and community topics, organizing sprints, a newsletter, and perhaps in the future a blog, there is a lot of organizing and outreach to do. We’d love to get more people involved in this important aspect of the project!